The Heaven We Ignore

April 12, 2018 11:56 pm Published by 2 Comments

Sad Teenage Girl_12Apr18
I’ve made an acquaintance named Jayne—not her real name—
who’s seen troubles a plenty, that have set her life aflame.
She struggles to stay on course, to fashion a stable life,
but the curse of depression dangles over, a Damocles’ knife.

That’s not to say there have not been good times as well;
there have been, prompting joy, with happy stories to tell.
But too often follows darkness, many praying for a remedy,
family desperate for serenity, freedom from the misery.

So as a friend who’s lived through three score and ten,
who’s seen it all and then some, what is it I could pen
that might provide some philosophy, guidance, or hope,
from my lifetime of observation that could help her to cope?

I’ve seen beauty, selflessness, and I’ve experienced true love,
to the point where I question if heaven could be better above.
I say “Fight for it, Don’t give up,” try to push the demons away,
because the heaven God intends for us may, in fact, be today.

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