Stories from My Life, #15: Uma Thurman’s Toes

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Like many a teenager, I developed various bodily insecurities that stayed with me well into adulthood. However, one of them vanished, surprisingly, thanks to Quentin Tarantino’s movie Kill Bill, Vol. 1. Many of you know that Tarantino produces violent, take-no-prisoners, action movies. I like them.

Background: My father had short toes, and I had long ones. From his various insinuations and comments (in jest? I wasn’t sure), embedded in my consciousness during my teenage years was the for-certain fact that God had slipped up and produced a freak of nature when it came to toe normality. Toes were meant to be short, not long.

Let’s move forward to 2003 and Kill Bill, Vol. 1. Early in the movie there is a scene where Uma Thurman escapes from a hospital and hides inside a van. Because Uma’s character had weakened from her hospital stay, the point of the scene was to restore mental commands she was making to her body, to get back into fighting shape. As luck would have it, Tarantino began with close-ups of Uma’s toes.

YEP, YOU GUESSED IT. HALLELUJAH! Someone as striking as Uma Thurman had even longer toes than I did! I learned that there was nothing wrong with me in the toe department. More importantly, I came to appreciate that even the smallest derogatory comment can have a lasting impact on a person’s psyche. And, needless to say, ever since Kill Bill, Vol. 1, I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for Uma Thurman.

P.S. No, the picture above does not show Uma Thurman’s toes. No lawsuits here.

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