Ode to the Paris Climate Accord

July 11, 2017 4:16 pm Published by 5 Comments

Global Warming_11Jul17


Oh how we miss you, you Paris Accord!
By considering himself lord, as his confidence soared,
our President struck a chord wielding his veto sword,
courting his base, loyalty assured, science ignored

While earth temps reach new highs, sea levels rise,
a polar bear sighs, as she loses her icy franchise
Humans and organisms of various size, with earthly ties,
hear numerous cries, chances real for their own demise

It’s so unexpected, Trump’s act of defiance
Does he dismiss climatology as pseudo-science?
Human survival may depend on a science reliance
Dare we ignore discoveries that forge an alliance?

Cars and planes represent amazing design,
as are medical lifelines for illnesses not benign,
foods on which we dine, exotic materials so fine,
all signs of science enabling humans to shine

So how’s it possible climate science’s dismissed
by Trump and supporters frustrated and pissed, an unholy tryst?
They refuse to desist, often with a clenched fist,
to acknowledge the gist of the environmental check-list

What can we do to avoid being tense, to face the suspense,
with a President caring mostly for his own immense magnificence?
I say let’s not stress; common sense will overcome nonsense
For nothing lasts forever—not even Trump’s presidential license!

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This post was written by paulmarktag


  • Brenda says:


    Well done!


  • Ed says:

    Great arguments Paul, and great writing as well.

  • Sue says:

    Love it! Not everyone can write meaningful, political poetry! Am I allowed to post any of these on Facebook or have you posted them so I can Share?

  • Ed Barker says:

    Given what Harvey has done to Texas, can we expect a “White Thaw” + “Category 5” style story in the future?
    There is some very interesting interaction: Warm Gulf temperatures forcing heavy rain amounts => Heavy rain driving huge rising air columns strengthening high-pressure ridges => Blocking high-pressure ridges preventing the storm from moving eastward => A feedback cycle leading to record-breaking precipitation amounts.
    Just wondering… ;=)