Hurricane Name Blame

October 6, 2017 10:17 pm Published by Leave your thoughts


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Until ’79, naming hurricanes as women was SOP,
with names such as Camille, Carol, Betsy, and Connie.
Hell hath no fury, as each felt she’d been scorned,
wreaking havoc on our planet, leaving all so forlorn.

But since we’ve modernized, both sexes get their turn,
to shine as the evil one, in history books we will learn.
Harvey, Irma, and Maria are examples of recent equity,
where each played the villain, committing a virtual felony.

So what should we do, to avoid this inglorious celebrity,
to duck this infamy, to negate all this sexist bigotry?
Is there none other who can bear this ignominy,
so that humankind can once again regain its dignity?

Oh! Might there be an answer, to which we could steer?
Someone else to blame, another species to extol fear?
Why not transfer this distinction to our furry friends dear,
to Fido, Fluffy, Spot, and Rover, letting them get the leer?

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