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Global Climate Change—is it a natural climatic progression, are humans heating up the planet through greenhouse gasses, or is it possible that someone is altering the climate for their own maniacal purposes?

MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA— Dr. Linda Ann Kipling, meteorologist with the Naval Research Laboratory, has had her share of excitement working with the enigmatic and arrogant Dr. Victor Mark Silverstein, NRL’s preeminent scientist. Twice in four years, she and her boss have faced international crises requiring heroic action. In 2005, when a rogue American genius teamed with terrorists to target Washington, DC, with a devastating hurricane, Silverstein was forced to confront him—the same man responsible for the death of his college sweetheart. In 2007, Silverstein and Kipling tangled with U.S. senators, the CIA, and a Middle Eastern organization for verification and control of a “prophecy gene,” a genetic mutation associated with clairvoyance.

It is now 2011, and Kipling finds herself facing an ethical dilemma involving her only remaining relatives, the Müller family. She discovers that her South American family is not only responsible for the murders of several colleagues in Greenland, but also for a fiendish plot to alter the world’s climate for their own maniacal purposes. The Müllers, once part of Hitler’s inner circle, escaped from Germany in 1945 with a fortune in gold.

With Silverstein providing backup, Kipling goes undercover in Greenland to stop her family’s lunacy. In a dramatic final showdown of wits between herself and the Müllers’ hired gun, Kipling fights to save the planet from a climatic apocalypse.


“Paul Mark Tag[’s] books never disappoint. He is a gifted writer and knows how to craft a great story. … White Thaw takes us on a great adventure [involving] global warming [and] poses the question of just how far would a group go to win.”

—Simon Barrett, Blogger News Network

White Thaw: The Helheim Conspiracy received the Editor’s Choice and Rising Star Awards from iUniverse.


Paul Mark Tag received BS, MS, and PhD degrees in meteorology from Pennsylvania State University. He worked for the Naval Research Laboratory as a research scientist for over thirty years before leaving to write fiction fulltime. His debut novel, Category 5, took advantage of his knowledge of meteorology and weather modification. The sequel, Prophecy, delved into genetics and the genome. White Thaw: The Helheim Conspiracy is the third in this thriller series. The author lives with his wife, Becky, in Monterey, California. Please visit the author at paulmarktag.com.

Title: White Thaw: The Helheim Conspiracy
Author: Paul Mark Tag
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978-1-4759-7825-4 (softcover)
978-1-4759-7824-7 (hardcover)
Publication date: April 2013
Pages/Format: 406/Soft/Hardcover
Price: $22.95/$32.95
Publisher: iUniverse