Google Earth Photos for White Thaw

As I mentioned in the book, I’ve visited and taken GPS coordinates for most chapter locations in White Thaw. Below are Google Earth satellite pictures for most of those sites.


Prolog: Reichskanzlei-Fuhrerbunker, Berlin, Germany. The coordinates in the center represent the location where the Reichskanzlei-Fuhrerbunker was located in wartime Germany. Hitler and his staff lived underground in these bunkers.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Gremikha Naval Base, near Ostrovnoy, on the Kola Peninsula, Russia. Locatin where Captain Alexseyev Gudrinko sells the two nuclear submarines to Herr Muller.

Chapter 2

Chapters 2, 10, 13, 16, 18, 21, 24. Federal Center for Data Analysis in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Chapter 5. Cartagena, Columbia: Street where Dieter and Axel Muller are riding in their limousine.

Silverstein's NRL Office

Chapters 6, 8, 11, 14, 41, 45, 46, Epilogue. Silverstein’s NRL Monterey office.

Uphouse NRL DC Office

Chapter 7. Uphouse’s NRL DC office.

Muller compound in Cartagena, Columbia

Chapters 9, 15, 17, 19, 22, 25. Muller family compound in Cartagena, Columbia.

Hyatt Regency Washington

Chapter 12. Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC.

Rafael Nunez Airport

Chapter 20. Rafael Nunez International Airport, Cartagena, Columbia.

Silverstein's house in the Halcyon Heights subdivision of Monterey, California.

Chapter 23. Victor Silverstein’s house in the Halcyon Heights subdivision of Monterey, California.

Condomium of Silverstein's friend in San Francisco

Chapters 27, 28, 31, 32, 33.  San Francisco, California, condo where Kipling and Silverstein stay the night and meet up with Schnabel.

Monterey Jet Center, Monterey Airport, Monterey, California.

Chapter 29. Monterey Jet Center, Monterey Airport, Monterey, California.

NRL Monterey Parking Lot

Chapter 48. Parking lot at NRL in Monterey, California.

Chapter 50.  Reykjavik Airport, Iceland.

Chapters 51, 52.  Lopez’s office at the CIA

Ice Station Helheim

Chapters 54, 56, 57, 58, 60, 62, 64.  Ice Station Helheim

Chapter 59.  Keflavik, Iceland Naval Air Station

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  • Yoke says:

    I read 3 chapters on the bus this a.m. It’s fascinating to view locations mentioned in your book. In a way putting my imagination onto the reality. I’ve read a lot of fictions but never once have shown interest to go deeper or to view the web page of any writer.
    Your preface content stirred up my curiosity on my way to work this a.m.. Well done…