Google Earth Photos For Retribution Times Two

As I mentioned in the book, I’ve visited and taken GPS coordinates for most chapter locations in Retribution Times Two. Below are Google Earth satellite pictures for most of those sites. Note that some locations are used in more than one chapter in that book. When this happens, only the first is included below.

Prologue Number One: The Hilton Hotel where Presidents Obama and Medvedev signed “New Start” in 2010, the latest agreement at the time in the quest for nuclear weapon control.


Prologue Number Two: Hotel Melia in Havana, Cuba, chosen for a climate conference in 2017. Silverstein, Kipling, and Smirnov attend.


Chapter 1: Brickman’s home in Silver Spring, Maryland.


Chapter 2: Erickson’s place of work: Preemptive Computer Resolutions


Chapter 3: Naval Research Laboratory, Monterey. Silverstein and Kipling work here.


Chapter 5. SVR Headquarters, Moscow, Russian Federation. Popov and Smirnov works here.


Chapter 8. Location for The Washington Post newspaper.


Chapter 8. NOAA Satellite Operations Facility, Suitland, Maryland.


Chapter 8. George Bush Center for Intelligence, McLean, Virginia. McFadden, Lopez, and Miller work here.


Chapter 8. Silverstein’s residence in Monterey, California.


Chapter 8. Kipling’s residence in Monterey, California


Chapter 8. Dulles Airport, where Smirnov makes his first stop on his way to meet Silverstein and Kipling.


Chapter 8. Erickson’s Residence in San Jose, California


Chapter 10. Smirnov’s location before he lands at SFO, San Francisco, California.


Chapter 11: Location of Popov’s Moscow apartment.


Chapter 11. Smirnov’s highway location, on his way to Monterey, when he hears about the mid-air collision.


Chapter 12. Epsilon restaurant: Silverstein, Kipling, and Smirnov have dinner on the evening of Smirnov ‘s arrival in Monterey.


Chapter 13. Hyatt Regency Monterey, where Smirnov stays the night after he arrives in Monterey.


Chapter 17. Denny’s restaurant in Monterey


Chapter 18. Highway 101, heading north, near Gilroy, California


Chapter 18. Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport


Chapter 20. McDonald’s Restaurant, San Jose, California


Chapter 20. San Francisco International Airport (SFO)


Chapter 20. Silverstein flying to Washington, somewhere over the state of Kansas


Chapter 23. SFO Airport, Gate 65


Chapter 24. Joint Base Andrews


Chapter 29. Somewhere over Central Utah. Kipling, Brody, Smirnov flying east, chasing Erickson.


Chapter 35. On approach to Pittsburgh International Airport: Kipling, Brody, Smirnov.


Chapter 36. Erickson heading east, leaving Morgantown, West Virginia


Chapter 38. Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where Silverstein had surgery.


Chapter 39. Erickson’s West Virginia hideout

Chapter 39. Kipling and Smirnov’s location before leaving the interstate and heading southwest on US-522.


Chapter 41. Joint Base Andrews, where Silverstein and Lopez catch a ride on an Air Force MH-60G Pave Hawk hel-icopter.


Chapter 43. Russian Federation’s Main Centre for Missile Attack Warning.


Chapter 44. Russian Federation’s National Defense Management Center


Chapter 46. U.S. Embassy in Moscow, Russian Federation.


Chapter 46. Russian Ambassador’s Residence in Washington, D.C.


Chapter 52. White House Grounds, Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C.


Chapter 53. White House Situation Room, Washington, D.C.


Chapter 53: Somewhere in the vicinity of Martinsburg, West Virginia; Lopez ferrying Silverstein back to Washington, D.C., for medical treatment.


Epilogue Number Two: Popov’s In-Town Residence in Moscow.


Epilogue Number Two: Popov’s Dacha, west of Moscow.


Epilogue Number Two: Moscow Domodedovo Airport