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A Prophetic Message in a Bottle
A century-old letter validates a global pursuit for a one-of-a-kind genetic carrier

MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA – Shortly before the great Johnstown, Pennsylvania, flood of 1889, a 19-year-old girl enters a church and places an envelope inside a bottle and into a safe. Minutes later, a wall of water engulfs the town and kills over 2,200 people. What happens 120 years later when the bottle is discovered—and its contents become ensnared in a worldwide quest for rare genetic material—is the intriguing story behind Prophecy by Paul Mark Tag.

In 2009, that safe is unearthed, and with it, the letter, which reveals that the author knew of the impending flood. Meanwhile, laboratory experiments in Russia could result in the scientific discovery of the ages, as researchers uncover a rare genetic mutation that could scientifically explain the clairvoyant powers exhibited by prophets of old.

At the epicenter of the ensuing maelstrom, Dr. Victor Mark Silverstein, the Naval Research Laboratory’s preeminent scientist, and his loyal assistant tangle with greedy U.S. senators, the CIA, and a Middle Eastern organization for verification and control of the “prophecy gene.” The hunt begins for a present-day carrier who could confirm the gene’s potential and prompt development of a synthetic replacement. At stake is theological chaos for the world’s religions—and the power to control the planet.


About the Author: Paul Mark Tag received BS, MS, and PhD degrees in meteorology from Pennsylvania State University. Until he retired in 2001 to write fiction full-time, Tag’s work revolved around meteorology and his career as a research scientist with the Naval Research Laboratory. His debut novel, Category 5, took advantage of his knowledge of meteorology. Prophecy is a sequel that delves into genetics and the genome. He lives in Monterey, California, with his wife, Becky. Please visit the author at

Title: Prophecy
Author: Paul Mark Tag
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978-0595434442
Publication date: September 2007
Pages: 354
Price: $20.95
Publisher: iUniverse