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Paul Mark Tag
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The Errant Ricochet: Max Raeburn’s Legacy

MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA—Before novelist Paul Mark Tag discovered his niche writing thrillers, he honed his storytelling craft by penning short stories. This medley includes fourteen of Paul’s favorites, written over a period of five years.

Expect to experience a range of emotions as you page through this engaging and eclectic collection. You’ll feel the trepidation of two boys delivering Christmas cookies to their scary neighbor in “The Curious Miss Crabtree.” You’ll wonder if six-year-old Mary’s girlfriends—who visit at night—are real or imaginary in “Mary’s Secret.” You’ll recognize the conflict of feeling different in “A Matter of Honor,” as an immigrant accepts his heritage. In “Double Exposure,” you’ll indulge in the curiosity and resolve of a spunky teenager who’s been told she’s always been too smart for her own good. Her instinct to investigate draws her into a neighborhood mystery. And “The Long Walk Home,” at only 128 words long, will touch your deepest emotions.

These stories, many previously published, will warm your heart, keep you on the edge of your seat, and bring you to tears. The book’s crowning jewel, “The Errant Ricochet: Max Raeburn’s Legacy,” will make you do all three.

Paul Mark Tag received BS, MS, and PhD degrees in meteorology from Pennsylvania State University. He worked for the Naval Research Laboratory as a research scientist for over thirty years before leaving to write fiction fulltime. His debut novel, Category 5, took advantage of his knowledge of meteorology and weather modification. Prophecy was a sequel that delved into the complexities of genetics and the genome. The Errant Ricochet: Max Raeburn’s Legacy, a collection of short stories, is Tag’s third book. The author lives with his wife, Becky, in Monterey, California.

The Errant Ricochet: Max Raeburn’s Legacy
Publication date: May 2008
Price: $10.95/$20.95
Author: Paul Mark Tag
ISBN: 978-0-595-49194-0 (SC)
978-0-595-49140-7 (HC)
Pages/Format: 112/Soft/Hardcover
Publisher: iUniverse