Google Earth Photos for Category 5

As I mentioned in the book, I’ve visited and taken GPS coordinates for most chapter locations in Category 5. Below are Google Earth satellite pictures for most of those sites.


Chapters 2 and 12. This is where Victor Mark Silverstein lives in Monterey, California. Specifically, however, the cursor position is the driveway in Chapter 12 where Silverstein (in his Porsche) is racing backward when the Mercedes roars out of his garage to chase him.

Chapters 3 and 10. This is the Spice Market where the Pandeli Restaurant is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Chapters 4, 11, 14, 24, 27, 30, and 33. This photograph shows the Naval Research Laboratory in Monterey, California, where Silverstein works.

Chapters 6, 17, 23, and 31. This photograph shows the location of the Bermuda Weather Service in Bermuda.

Chapters 8, 23, 28, 31, 39, and 40. Location for Anselina Corporation in Bermuda.

Chapters 9, 25, and 34. Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC, location of Barbara Lopez’s office.

Chapter 15. Location for the Asylum Tavern in Washington, DC.

Chapter 18. Gate B47, Denver International Airport.

Chapter 19. Location of home of Hector and Barbara Lopez in Alexandria, Virginia.

Chapter 20. Location of Super 8 Motel in Denver, Colorado.

Chapter 21. Denver, Colorado, on ramp to Interstate 270 from 70.

Chapter 22a. Location of Mountain High Inn in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Chapter 22b. Fort Collins-Loveland Airport, Colorado.

Chapter 37. Cameron Fitzby’s apartment in Bermuda: Unit 606, Atlantis, Hamilton, Bermuda.