An Ode to President Trump and his Tweets

June 8, 2017 8:54 pm Published by 5 Comments



Our President has troubles, varied and timely,
many from tweets, unfriendly and whiny
Citizens and advisors both pray that he stop,
the latter concerned they might soon get the chop

Trump’s frictions are mostly from self-infliction,
because of Twitter addiction, a personal affliction
But also from a limited knowledge of diction,
often causing contradiction, and alas even fiction

To supporters he’s invincible, even pontifical,
his faults acceptable and ultimately forgivable
Unpredictable makes him divisional, but irresistible,
his base letting him down would be the unthinkable

But to his detractors, he’s persona non grata,
it’s repeated so often, it’s become a sonata
Might Trump be fixable, become a principled pinnacle?
To most that’s a miracle, on the level of biblical

Perhaps there’s a solution, an ablution in Putin,
a kindred spirit maybe, a modern-day Rasputin
Will Trump savor a waiver for Putin’s favor,
in any way possible to attract a savior lifesaver?

But wait! Perhaps there’s a theory that might gain traction,
as Trump tweets and shouts his mental distractions
Might his imaginings, typed without committee,
mean that he is, in fact, President Walter Mitty?

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