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Dan Brown’s Deception Point

I’ve got to tell you: Dan Brown is one fine thriller writer.  I just finished Deception Point.  For those of you who enjoyed The Da Vinci Code, consider his other books.  Two that I’ve read, Angels & Demons and Deception Point are better, I think, than even his bestseller, The Da Vinci Code.  From a writer’s point of view, Brown does it well; you can learn an awful lot by noting his techniques.  He cleverly foreshadows events that make you slap yourself on the forehead when you later find out what happened.  He generates interesting characters, uses innovative technology in a realistic way, and crams a lot of action into a short period of time.  His books take place over a period of about one day, give or take–which makes his books a lot like a written form of the TV show, 24.  Has anyone read Digital Fortress?

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2 Responses to “Dan Brown’s Deception Point”

  1. payday loans Says:

    I have not read vantage point yet, and i have just started angels and demons. i hope to read vantage point next thanks for the breif introduction.

  2. Shower Screens Says:

    Food for thought.

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