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You've discovered the Web site of Paul Mark Tag, author of the new thriller, White Thaw: The Helheim Conspiracy, sequel to Category 5 and Prophecy

White Thaw review by Simon Barrett of Blogger News Network:

"Paul Mark Tag['s] books never disappoint.  He is a gifted writer and knows how to craft a great story.  My introduction was with his novel Category 5.  From there I moved on to Prophecy. [With] White Thaw: The Helheim Conspiracy, once again the reader is seduced into a fictional world that is hard to escape from...White Thaw takes us on a great adventure [involving] global warming [and] poses the question, just how far would a group go to win?Read full review

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Review by Jenny Salyers for Front Street Reviews

"…Paul Mark Tag’s second novel [Prophecy] is a fast paced thrill ride of an adventure...I really enjoyed the realism and development of Prophecy’s plot and found myself savoring the book and trying to make it last longer..."

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These fast paced novels will blow you away ... Tag’s fictional thrillers are a clever combination of plausible scientific scenarios and exciting plot lines that will keep you on the edge of your seat and feel a little too close to home.

Historical fiction readers will appreciate the tragic tale of the Johnstown flood that Tag intertwines in Prophecy. Click here to read more.

"...An action-packed adventure, 'Category 5' is a whirlwind of a thriller that whisks the reader into the very eye of the storm. Thoroughly entertaining, you won't be able to set the story aside until this storm blows over."
—Bob Walch, Book Reviewer, Monterey Herald

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